This week our Healthy Living Transformation is brought to us by our inspiring fan Brooke!

I made a decision in April 2014, that I was ready for a lifestyle change. I had hit a point in my life where I was overweight, unhappy, not confident, and lacking so much joy in my life. I truly felt stuck. I was ready for a positive change. I remember before my weightless journey, so many of the friends and family in my life always told me I was *still* beautiful, even though I was extremely overweight. And you know what? As awesome as it feels to have the people around you love on you no matter where you are at in life…one of the best feelings in the world is loving YOURSELF. I am discovering what that feels like, and it’s pretty incredible!

I began incorporating exercise in my daily life. I used working out as my stress reliever. I would push myself to run harder and longer every day. I loved the fact that I was finally making my own health a priority. I finally started to realize that it was ME that was holding myself back. I had the strength within me to be better, be stronger, push harder, eat healthier, and work towards the best me I could be!

I completely changed the way I consumed food. I use to indulge in whatever I craved, I would eat late at night, and I used food as my comfort. Now I have learned to use clean and healthy nutrition as fuel for my body. I spend time meal prepping and creating clean and delicious recipes! One of my absolute favorite “must haves” in my day, are nuts ‘n more’s line of amazing protein nut butters. I love every single flavor I have tried, and I seriously put it on everything. I love to add some to my protein shakes, melt some on my pancakes, or even just make my favorite PB&J with it. I am pretty much addicted, haha! It is pretty amazing to have something so good for me in my pantry, that totally satisfies my hunger and my sweet tooth cravings! So delicious! I am so thankful for products like nuts ‘n more to help me stay on track and focused!

I have now lost 115 lbs, and I’m not finished yet! This lifestyle change and I are in a long term relationship, and there’s no breaking us up! I love the changes my body has made, the confidence I have gained, and the passion for clean nutrition and fitness I have found. I am even coaching others on how to make healthy changes and work towards a better life. This lifestyle change is so worth it, and is the best thing I could have ever done for my health and future!