This Healthy Living Transformation is brought to us by our inspiring friend Brian!

All my life I have dealt with being overweight/obese and that led me to some very dark times in my life.

As I was growing into my teenage years I developed severe social anxiety and started stuttering, which was a cause of me being overweight and unhappy. As I creeped into high school that’s when it got even worse. I ended up not going to school and staying inside all the time. All of that led me to my heaviest weight of 250 pounds when I was just was 16 years of age.

All of that led me to my heaviest weight of 250 pounds when I was just was 16 years of age.

After a year not doing anything I grew sick and tired of letting my insecurities bring me down all the time and decided it was time to change my mind and body for the better and have a whole new outlook on life. I started to educate myself on how to lose weight and get healthier. This led me to start exercising regularly and making sure I was eating right. After the first month of doing so I got addicted to it and could already tell that I started to feel better, so I kept on the routine religiously. As the weeks moved on I noticed the pounds started to just come off more and more.

Fast forward ten months.

I ended up losing a grand total of 100 pounds which brought me down to 150lbs. That was my proudest moment until that point and I had really surprised myself. But with that came with a desiring need to keep losing weight and ended up dropping to 140lbs, which was not healthy at all. My anxiety crept back a bit I thought I was too skinny.

brian dinger

After another reality check I became inspired with bodybuilding and was determined to build muscle and get my physique to where I really wanted it. I educated myself even more and started to hit the weights more frequently. I was finally starting to feel the way I always wanted to feel. After a year building muscle and transforming myself even more people noticed a different person in me and started asking me for help and advice.

I was shocked about that and I promised I would do whatever I could to help others better themselves. After four very long years and many obstacles, I can now say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been and have the most confidence ever! I have helped family and friends reach their goals and overcome their own obstacles with a healthy lifestyle. I can’t thank Nuts N More enough! Over the last year and a half I’ve been in love with the spreads! I use them daily! My favorite thing is to bake with them including making protein pancakes/waffles, protein brownies and protein bread. My goal is to give back and help many people since anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it and most important NEVER GIVE UP!