This incredibly inspirational Healthy Living Transformation story is brought to us by our friend Cristina.

I had been thin in middle school and high school. And even though I was an active dancer those years, I look back on photos and think I was skinny fat – thin, but not super athletic. I could dance and tumble, but I wasn’t muscular or overly lean. I had also always felt very aware of myself in my leotard. When I got to college I was still active, but not to the same degree. I was on the cheerleading squad and dance team my freshmen and sophomore years, but we weren’t held to the same standard as division 1 athletes so I didn’t log hours in the gym. That’s how the weight started – the freshmen “whatever”.

healthy transformation

After I stopped dancing and cheerleading, the pounds added up as the tacos did. From family and friend issues, my own depression got the best of me and food became a comfort. It was at least 115 pounds of comfort – that’s what I gained in less than 3 years. I went from a size 5 to a 24. When I did start tracking my weight after I started losing in 2012, I was 240.

My weightloss journey started out as a series of unfortunate events. Many things happened that were out of my control, which made me feel like I had no control at all, but I realized that I could control my actions and my decisions.

It started out as eliminating foods that had little or no nutritional value. This not only helped my health by creating a focus of more nutritional foods, but it saved my wallet by removing what wasn’t necessary. Ultimately, the pounds started to come over. Over time I incorporated Zumba and running. This allowed me to balance my food better and not restrict so much. In June 2014, I started to add weightlifting as I prepared for my first bikini competition – that’s when I found flexible dieting and clean eating.

I found a variety of foods that were healthy alternatives and still allowed me to have fun in my nutrition plan. Nuts ‘N More has been one of those brands. Unlike regular peanut butter, I never have the fear of not hitting my macro goals when I incorporate it into the day. Many of us have a trigger food or a food that we feel we can’t control ourselves around, I have never felt that way about Nuts ‘N More. Flexible dieting allows me the freedom to not only stare at dessert, but eat it too. My relationship with food has improved drastically throughout my journey and I know it’s because of brands like this that keep the health aware in mind.