This Healthy Living Transformation is brought to us by our inspiring friend Leah!

Growing up I didn’t have the understanding of which foods were healthy and which weren’t. My parents rarely cooked, so we went out to dinner a lot and we ate at many fast food places.

The more I ate unhealthy, the more tired and lethargic I felt. I never grew up being “overweight,” I just didn’t have the knowledge of eating healthy and how certain foods affect my body’s performance. I wasn’t active in any sports in school; after school my brother and I would come home, do our homework, watch a little TV, and then go to bed. The only exercise I was active in was my P.E. class at school.

As I grew up, and eventually got married, my eating was still pretty poor. At the age of 25 I became pregnant with my first child. I started taking a few exercise classes here and there while pregnant, but still struggled with my eating. Two years later, I became pregnant with my second child. At this time, the light bulb went off! I realized the importance of fitness and nutrition, after gaining 40 pounds from my pregnancy.

This was a serious wake up call for me; I realized it was more important than ever to start eating healthier foods

This was a serious wake up call for me; I realized it was more important than ever to start eating healthier foods, get in better shape, and improve the overall quality of my life; not only for me, but for my family.

I immediately joined a fitness class and starting working out “a lot!” And I also did a lot of research on which foods were best to fuel my body. I had to be careful not to overdo it as I was pregnant, but determined to stay fit throughout my entire pregnancy.

After losing 40 pounds, my life purpose was redefined. “I wanted to help others improve their health, fitness, appearance, and self-confidence.” It was important for me to help people maximize their state of well-being by helping them to change their lives.

Leah Healthy Living Transformation

At this time my personal training company was born, I became a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor.

Now a single mom, raising two kids, I have become a Bikini Athlete and a Fitness Model (and I’m currently training for my next bikini competition!)

During my journey, I came across the brand Nuts ‘N More which has truly been a blessing for me. In competing for a Bikini competition you need to be very aware of your macro nutrients and caloric intake, and Nuts ‘N More fits perfectly into my nutrition plan!

I’ve come a long way with my transformation, and I am very happy with how much I’ve accomplished so far. I still have many more goals I want to accomplish, so the journey has just begun for me. The sky is the limit!