Ghost Blazes a Trail with New Warheads Flavor


ghost warheads

Ryan Hughes and Daniel Lourenço founded Ghost less than a year ago and they have taken the fitness world by storm. And now they are blazing a new trail by partnering with Warheads candy for their new pre-workout Ghost Legend.  They took some time out of their busy day at LA Fit Expo to chat with Dani Capanna about the new flavor and what it’s like to meet so many Ghost fans.

Nuts ‘N More founder Peter Ferreira has always been a fan of what Ryan and Dan have been doing in the supplement space. “We’ve watched each other’s careers grow. I’ve always been inspired by them.”

Fitness star Christian Guzman joined the boys at their booth at the LA Fit Expo.  Fans lined up around the booth and down the halls for a chance for a meet and greet.

chris guzman fitness

We’re looking forward to seeing what’s next for Ryan and Daniel.  Whatever it is, it’s sure to be cutting edge and pushing the bounds of the fitness game.