rob bailey and dana linn bailey

Rob Bailey, husband to Dana Linn Bailey and one half of the fitness super couple from Flag Nor Fail, has found a very interesting use for Nuts ‘N More Peanut Butter.

“I started smoking Black & Milds like five years ago and I can’t quit.  At all.  And whenever I’m having a mental breakdown and I’m stressed out, I smoke a Black & Mild and I’m really trying not to,” he said, “so instead, (holds up a jar of Birthday Cake Peanut Butter) this actually sits on the dresser of my office and right when I’m about to lose my mind, fire all my employees and burn the building down I just take a little scoop.”

Nuts ‘N More can’t make that claim, but hey, whatever works.

“I can make that claim”, Rob boasted, “I don’t think they can make that claim but I can.”