Summer Fitness Bucket-List Challenge

Summer Fitness Bucket List Challenge 

Summertime and the sweatin’ are easy! With warmer weather, why not take more of your workouts outdoors?! Fresh air, quiet time, fewer people, and more creative spaces. Sounds like my kind of exercise space! This is also a great way to get your daily dose of vitamin D in, which has been shown to naturally improve your mood. Goodbye seasonal depression!

Challenge yourself and make an effort to get outside more this summer. Take my summer fitness bucket list challenge I created just for you! Heck, when I was coming up with this list, I wanted to take on this challenge myself! My goal this summer is to get out more, explore more, have more adventures, take in more that this life has to offer, venture off my familiar path and start kicking up some major dirt on a new, exciting one. And this list turned out to be a great way to get after this goal!

Many of these activities most likely can’t be completed in the same area, so I’m all about traveling and staying active! See how many you can check off this summer!

Summer Fitness Bucket List Challenge

1.Complete a 3-mile roundtrip hike

2.Swim laps in a lake for 30 minutes

3.Find a grassy hill and complete this interval workout (repeat as many times as your timeframe allows)

  • Straight run up
  • Squat hops up
  • Karaoke up – left side
  • Karaoke up – right side
  • Shuffles up – left
  • Shuffles up – right
  • Backward run up
  • High knees up
  • Butt kicks up

4.Summer Fitness Bucket-List Challenge

5.Bleacher runs (repeat as many times as your timeframe allows)

  • Stair run
  • Lateral shuffles – left
  • Lateral shuffles – right
  • Single leg hops – left
  • Single leg hops – right
  • Squat jumps – single step
  • Lunge walk-ups
  • Finishing with triceps dips and push ups

6. Take the kids or dog to the park with a jungle-gym and get creative for 1 hour

7.Cycle a 5-10 mile trail

8.Play a round of golf

9.Play a game of tennis

10.Rock climbing – indoor or outdoor 

11.Snorkel for 30-60 minutes

12.Take one of your usual running workouts and bodyweight workouts and complete the entire thing on beach sand


14.Zip-Line or Aerial Trapeze

This is me completing a course in Lake Tahoe. This burned over 600 calories in 2 hours of adventure! Plus it was a great upper body workout!

Summer Fitness Bucket-List Challenge

With outdoor activities, always be sure to bring extra fluids and foods with you. With an active lifestyle, it’s important to maintain a well-balanced diet. Nuts ‘N More provides products that targets all three macronutrient groups to assist you in building more proportionate meals. Having enough protein in your diet and an appropriate amount at each meal will help keep you satiated longer throughout your active day. High protein peanut butters and almond butters, as well as meal-replacement protein powders make great travel snacks on your many summer adventures!


Article Submitted By – Dani Capanna, MS, DTR, CDM