Yes, it is possible to become a morning person. A morning exercise person! Here are 13 tips that you can start incorporating into your morning that will transform even the surliest of night owls into an early morning fat burning machine!

Back to school means back to your regularly scheduled fitness program! Riiiiight?! You had every excuse to skip out over the summer with vacations and pool parties and BBQs and Netflix marathons and catching up with friends. And now it’s back to the grind. Which, yes, our time is heavily occupied again, but it’s no excuse not to make time for your health. Start by making time. Even 15 minutes. And when’s a good time? How about before you even start your hectic day! 

That’s right! BECOME A MORNING PERSON. Trust me, I never was either. I can still be a little slow moving and quiet in the mornings, but I implemented new behaviors that created habits. And there’s no better feeling than to check it off first thing from your daily tasks and move along with your day. I feel so awake, accomplished, and energized for the rest of the day! It takes some persistence, but you can change your lifestyle.  

Here are some of my tricks, and a few others on hot to start a morning exercise routine:

  • Set your alarm to your favorie song – Mine has been set to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling” ever since it came out and it completely wakes me up dancing practically every single time.  
  • Set your alarm across the room – and somewhere different, every night. Gets you up and at ‘em to turn it off. Plus turns on the ol’ thinking cap right away to remember where you put it.  
  • If you’re a coffee or tea person, give yourself that time – First coffee, then I do the stuff. 
  • Find a place you can bedroll and workout – because I promise you, if I felt like I needed to get ready to go workout, I wouldn’t go either. That’s why I have at home gym equipment, or run and do plyos around my neighborhood and yard, or one of my four gym memberships where I know hardly anyone will be there at that time. Lol! 
  • Lay out your stuff the night before – saves SO much time. And less thinking. If we have to think too much before our brains even function, we won’t want to do it.  
  • Heck for that matter, just go to sleep in your workout clothes, ready to go! The ultimate bedroll! 
  • Get a dog or pet sit one for a little while – dog’s gotta pee, so a person’s gotta walk it.  
  • If you’re close enough, ride a bike to work! Talk about time efficiency. Plus you’ll have to ride it home, duh. Double workout points!  
  • Have a workout buddy – you wouldn’t leave them hanging, would you? 
  • Save your household work for the morning – chores count! I’ve turned on my heartrate monitor a number of times while I clean around the house and you’ll be surprised how much your heart gets pumping and how many calories you can burn.  
  • Set it as an appointment in your calendar – bosses don’t cancel!  
  • Wear red clothing – studies show (it’s the color of excitement (hence, McDonald’s) and increases energy levels and circulation. 
  • Pop a mint during your morning wake-up regimen – another study shows peppermint enhanced memory and alertness 

Whatever is going to motivate you to implement a lifestyle intervention, focus on that! Whether it be just one of these points or all of them, put your energy into the behaviors that will work for you. And if none of this sounds possible, do it anyway, no matter what. The more consistent you are, the more it will become routine, and the more it will evolve into your lifestyle. “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it.” 


Article Courtesy Of: Dani Capanna, MS, DTR, CDM, CPT