Simple & Effective Weight Loss Tips For The Office

Simple & Effective Weight Loss Habits For The Office

So, you sit at a desk most of the day. Being that it is almost 2018, I am sure you have heard a thing or two on how a sedentary lifestyle can affect your health. Not to mention all the stress and overeating, or undereating, and the lack of a structured, fit lifestyle both outside and integrated into the office setting. 

The office is a weight management battlefield. You need to equip yourself better if you want to be victorious. By learning and implementing new habits and routines, you can begin to make the most out of your day. In fact, make progress each day. 

And let’s not pretend the holidays are a temporary peace treaty either. They are just as trying. Our time to exercise may be limited, and the food temptations are much more abundant. But, you can still enjoy the holidays’ guilt-free, stay on track, and lose weight with these same tips.  

I used to sit at a desk. And man, I am just not about that lifestyle anymore. I am such a busybody. Keep me moving all day, please. But from the confines of those old days, I developed a few tricks to be sure my fitness, and fit-sanity, remained unbothered. I am also part of a large, Italian family so holidays are celebrated to the max. I had to develop lasting and effective habits, and I had to discipline myself to follow through with them in order to enjoy myself, year after year.   

Here are some of the best tips for anyone that works a full-time job, a desk job, or simply dreading the holidays, and is trying to change their lifestyle by creating new routines and habits: 

  • Don’t do the breakfast-on-the-go, stop by the coffee shop on-my-way thing – Take time to prepare good, nutritious foods because this is the first thing you are going to fuel your body with. Is a morning cupcake (cough muffin) really the way you want to start your day? If you don’t have much time for preparation or your appetite doesn’t kick in until you get to work, prepare your breakfast ahead of time and take it with you to enjoy at your desk. (Try overnight oats or a shake.) 
  • Walk on your breaks 
  • Stand for 5 minutes every hour 
  • Do desk exercises or stretches when you can – glute squeezes, calves raises, quad flexes, across the chest shoulder stretch, over the back triceps stretch, stand and touch your toes, stand and pull your leg up for a quad stretch, engage your core while sitting, sit up straight, triceps dips on your chair, squat taps on your chair, etc. You can look up so many!  
  • Keep healthy, portioned snacks at your desk – healthy fats and proteins  can keep you satiated 
  • Don’t keep unhealthy snacks at your desk or anywhere in the office – If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. (Same goes for at home too.) 
  • Plan your meals ahead of time – This requires you to also prepare and pack them for work so you don’t need to eat out as much. Meal prepping can also be cheaper, plus you know exactly how it was made and the calorie content.  
  • Take your lunch break – Don’t work through it. 
  • Take your lunch break outside – Get some fresh air, some vitamin D, and some blood flow.  
  • Drink your water – Bring a refillable bottle with you and always keep it out and replenished. Make it a goal to finish 12-16 ounces every hour. I just bring a gallon with me everywhere I go.  
  • Pack your workout bag and take it with you – Go straight to the gym before or after work. 
  • Sign up for a class or plan to meet a friend after work to stay accountable. 
  • Monitor your stress from work – leave work at work, don’t take on more than you can handle at the time, take your breaks and your vacation times; Mental health is just as important as physical health.  
  • Sit on an exercise ball at your desk instead of a regular chair – great for the core and posture 
  • Use a standing desk – You can adjust it up to stand and down to sit. 
  • Park in the furthest spot – Get those steps in. 
  • Have a workplace meal prep buddy – One week you will prep all the lunches and snacks for you and your work buddy, and the next week they do it. It holds you accountable for prepping, for making healthy food choices, and then you also get every other week off to not worry about it. 
  • Take the stairs instead of escaladers or elevators 
  • Put your trashcan across the room so you have to walk to it every time to throw something away 
  • Drink your coffee black (or tea) – The extra cream, milk, and sugar can add up quickly all day. 
  • Sip unsweetened tea instead of a caloric drink – or have a carbonated water infused with fruit slices.  
  • Company lunches or lunch date – Don’t eat everything on your plate. Remember, most restaurants serve portions double, even triple, the amount we should be consuming. 
  • Have a good variety of foods in your lunch to satisfy your palette – A good combo of fats, proteins, and carbs will surely satisfy all your body’s needs and have you fueled and ready to attack the rest of your afternoon. (i.e. nut butter with fruit, a side salad full of veggies and drizzled with vinegar, and quinoa with grilled chicken sprinkled with dried oregano) 

The office is another great opportunity to get creative with your fitness. Don’t think your boss will have a negative opinion about it either. Companies love to see their employees focusing on their health. A healthy and happy employee is a hard-working employee. Get co-workers to join you in this initiative and make fit happen!

Article Courtesy Of: Dani Capanna, MS, DTR, CDM, CPT