Four Date Ideas For A Healthier Valentine's Day With Your SwoleMate

Four Date Ideas For A Healthier Valentine’s Day With Your SwoleMate

February: the month of red hearts, pink kisses, and heart-warming love is in full swing. Whether you and your bae are a newly kindled flame or you’ve been together for years, make this Valentine’s Day a day of sweat, motivation and time spent with your loved one. Instead of waiting hours for a reservation at a restaurant that leads to being tightly sandwiched between two tables or sharing your loved one’s attention with a jam-packed movie theater seeing the latest chick-flick, try one of these Valentine’s date ideas.

Do you and your partner love pushing each other, getting a little competitive and sharing in that post-workout high you get every time you sweat it out together? Well, then this date idea is definitely right up your hardcore fitness alley. Orange Theory Fitness is a way to take your gym routine to the next level. This group fitness class gets your heart rate in a prime target zone that boosts your metabolism and energy, and not only burns some serious calories, but also leaves you with a lasting after-burn for up to 36 hours! In the class, you are given a heart rate monitor that allows you to see your intensity levels on a big screen in front of you. Not only do you see the calories you’re burning, you see everyone else’s and are challenged to beat out the best of the best. This class allows you and your boo to sweat it out and indulge in a little friendly competition together.

If you’re looking to get a little more in touch with your inner self and your partner, hot yoga is a great way to get steamy and relaxed. The heated temperatures used in a hot yoga class have many benefits for the body and the mind. The elevated temperatures help detoxify the body, allow you to get a little deeper in the postures, increases your heart rate, allows the body to relax, improves your breathing as well as focuses the mind. What else could you want from your Valentine’s date?! But in all seriousness, a hot yoga class is a great way for you and your loved one to find your inner peace and experience a relaxing atmosphere together.

Now, now, now you didn’t think Valentine’s Day would be complete without a little food did you?! Ditch the typical restaurant date and instead, get a little creative in your own kitchen. Cooking dinner together will allow you to have fun, share your creativity and experience some delicious food with your significant other in a more hands-on manner. Making your own meal is also a great way to experiment with healthier versions of your favorite foods. For dinner, try your hand at Asian cuisine with Rainbow Veggie Shrimp Salad with Nuts ‘N More Almond Butter Dressing and for dessert indulge in a slice of Raspberry Cake Batter Protein Bread. This homemade meal made by the two of you will surely beat waiting hours at a way too expensive restaurant.

From killing it in the gym to work to everything else a busy life entails, you and your swole mate deserve a day to relax. And what better way to relax with your loved one than a couple massage? Not only are massages a great way to relax but they are also much needed in the form of recovery. Intense workouts lead to sore muscles and an aching body, and massages are a great way to allow your body some relief. Massages help to alleviate pain, increase circulation within the body, decrease tension and increase flexibility. A couple’s massage will allow you and your swole mate to get some relief as well as spark some romance.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about chocolate candies, sugary hearts, and chick-flicks. This year, make Valentine’s Day a little more special for you and your swole mate by swapping out over-priced steak dinners and crowded movie theaters for a calorie-busting workout, a relaxing massage and a homemade dinner made by the two of you. What better way to send a little love this season?!