How to Choose a Personal Trainer

There are many reasons why you might be looking to hire a personal trainer.  Maybe you’re just starting on your fitness journey and need some help and guidance.  Maybe you hit a plateau and could use the knowledge that a personal trainer possesses to bust out of the plateau you’re in.  Or, maybe you just want someone to kick your butt and push you to your limits.  Regardless, you should probably know how to choose a personal trainer so you don’t end up wasting your time and money.  Here are some things to consider when interviewing a hopeful personal trainer. 

Are They Certified?

The personal trainer you are looking to work with should be certified and have credentials.  You wouldn’t go to a doctor who never went to medical school or is not certified to practice, right?  So, why would you trust just any person saying they are a personal trainer at a gym?

You would be surprised how many personal trainers are not qualified to be working with clients.  They have no certification or formal schooling such as a degree in kinesiology or exercise science.  ALWAYS, ask if the personal trainer you are interviewing is certified and ask who they are certified through. 

If they aren’t certified or have zero credentials, move onto the next personal trainer you are considering.

How Much is This Going to Cost You?

Don’t sign on the dotted line to work with a personal trainer if you don’t know the cost per session.  Would you purchase a house without knowing how much the mortgage would be each month, right?  I would hope not.  So, ask what the rates are, are you locked into a contract, what if you need to cancel a session for any given reason, and the payment methods preferred?  You can come up with some of your own questions as well that you’re curious about. 

Make sure the cost is something you feel comfortable paying.  Some people think $20 per hour is expensive while others have no issue paying over $200 per session.  It all comes down to what makes sense financially for you and your situation.  While I would argue that you can’t put a price on your health, I will tell you to not get raked over the coals and abused.   

Do You Have a Connection?

No, I’m not talking about some weird love connection.  I’m talking about do you have a feeling that you and this personal trainer are compatible in the sense of working together?  You know that co-worker that you dread working with, but they are part of the team so you are stuck working beside them?  With a personal trainer, you’re the boss.  You decide if you want to work with that person or not.  You’re in control. 

It might sound funny, but you need to be on the same page as your personal trainer.  If the person you hire is a drill sergeant and you don’t want to be pushed to that level, then you need to find someone who matches what you are looking for and be comfortable.  Some people like to be pushed to the limit, while others want someone who is more relaxed and calm. 

Only you know the type of person you are looking for and who you would be comfortable working with.  If you are a female and want a female trainer, then don’t waste your time interviewing male trainers.  Take your personality and their personality into account when making a decision on who to choose as your personal trainer. 

What’s Their Availability?

A personal trainer is a luxury, not a necessity.  And because of this, you need to make sure that if you’re paying for such a luxury, it fits your work and life schedule.  This might come off somewhat rude, but you’re paying them to help you reach your goals.  So, don’t change your entire world around just to fit their schedule.  Fit a trainer who has availability when you are free during the week.  Regardless if it’s only once a week or five times a week, make sure your schedules align. 

If you are trying to “make it work” you will fail miserably.  You’ll end up stressed out and running around like a chicken with its head cut off just to meet up with your personal trainer for a session.  Why do this to yourself and stress out?  It’s simply not worth it.  Why do something that doesn’t make you happy or make your life better? 

Hopefully, you are able to take these four questions into consideration and with you in your next interview if you’re looking for a personal trainer.  Don’t settle for a personal trainer that you aren’t completely happy and comfortable with.  It’s your time and money that is being invested, your needs should come first. 

Article Courtesy Of Matt Weik