Fall Fitness Tips

When the colder months arrive, many people slack on their workouts because they can’t get outside.  Well, I’m here to tell you that’s no excuse.  In fact, I want you to go outside!  There’s something about outdoor workouts in the spring and fall months that truly inspire me and keep me motivated.  Maybe it’s the scenery?  Maybe it’s the cooler temperatures preventing me from overheating and fatiguing quickly?  Either way, I want to lay out some awesome fall fitness tips that you can utilize to keep your workouts supercharged and allow you to move closer towards your health and fitness goals. 

1. Dress Appropriately

It should go without saying that when the temps dip down below what we would consider “comfortable” you should dress appropriately.  That means some type of long sleeve shirt, joggers/compression pants, and even a hat or beanie.  Your best options will be something that keeps you warm yet isn’t restrictive and is able to breathe so that you can wick away moisture and perspiration.   

 If you are generally always hot, you might be able to get away with either a short sleeve shirt or even shorts, but on the flip side if you are always cold you should bundle up a little more.  Fall is a great time to hit outdoor workouts and hopefully, these fall fitness tips will help you see the benefit of getting outdoors this season. 

2. Hit the Park

What better place to get in a full-body workout than the park?  There’s tons of equipment there that you can transform into your own outdoor gym.  Most parks these days have areas where kids play that contain a jungle-gym type contraption.  Consider that your goldmine.  Variations of pull-ups, push-ups, bodyweight squats, lunges, bodyweight rows while hanging off a swing, muscle-ups on the rings or monkey bars, and many other exercises – use your imagination and get creative, that’s part of the fun! 

 On top of that, you can run while at the park.  Do some HIIT cardio in a field.  Run around a pond or stream that could be going through the area and enjoy the scenery.  Just take in the whole experience. 

3. Find a Trail

If you’ve never done cardio on a trail you’re missing out on an amazing workout.  The path going uphill, the path going downhill, the rough terrain, the loose gravel, the obstacles to avoid and jump over, etc.  Think of it as an adventure race only you’re the only one participating.  I’m willing to bet that if you’ve never done a trail run that the following day after hitting a workout you’re going to be sore in places you never knew existed.  It’s an amazing workout! 

 This time of year also makes for amazing scenery with bright and vibrant colors from the changing colors of the leaves and landscape.  Not only can you get in a great workout, but it’s a good mental break as well taking in all that mother nature has to offer while trying to conquer her terrain.  Getting out for some fresh air is also never a bad thing and adds to the fall fitness tips experience. 

4. Ask a Buddy to Come Along

What are friends for, right?  Drag them out for a workout and it might be enough to get them on board with their own exercise routine.  Heck, you might even get a new workout buddy out of it.  But in all seriousness, ask a friend or family member to head outdoors with you for a workout.  It could be a walk in the park, kayaking, a hike, or even playing a game of tennis or golf.   

 The key is to stay active and a great way to make it fun and help the time pass quickly is to have someone there who you enjoy their company to do it with you.  A good conversation or a few belly laughs is enough to take your mind off of the workout itself.  So, find that person you’d like to join you and reach out to them.   

 If you’re an introvert and like to be by yourself, take your furry little friend along.  Fido will enjoy these fall fitness tips just as much as you. 

5. Don’t forget About Your Chores

The last of the fall fitness tips is to not forget about your outdoor chores and counting them as part of your daily activity.  Sure, it might not be a 30-minute run or a full-body resistance training workout, but nonetheless, it’s still considered exercise and physical activity.   

 You can consider things like raking leaves, moving outdoor furniture around, picking weeds, mowing the yard, cutting down tree branches or shrubs, or any other outdoor chore as physical activity.  If you were striving for 30 minutes of physical activity each day and found yourself outside longer than that fixing up your yard or property, you’ve already achieved your goal and then some.  Not all outdoor activities need to be what we would consider a “workout” or “exercise.”  All of those chores can add up quickly so don’t forget about them! 

Article Courtesy Of Matt Weik