Healthy Alternatives to Halloween Candy

Halloween could be a kid’s favorite holiday, following Christmas that is.  And for good reason – they get loads of free candy!  I’m talking mounds of cavity-inducing, blood sugar raising candy.  If you want to do something a little different this year, consider finding healthy alternatives to Halloween candy to give out.  I’m not saying to go crazy and spend $10 per child who comes up to your door, but there are many better and healthier options out there if you give it some thought. 

 Rather than force you to think on your own or create a homework project for you, this article will lay out some of the healthy alternatives to Halloween candy that you can consider this year.  Not only will the kids thank you for the freebie, but their parents will too for thinking outside of the box and helping them avoid a non-stop sugar high in their household.  Without further ado, let’s get into it. 

1. Honey sticks

Sure, it’s still a sweet treat, but the health benefits associated with honey versus a piece of candy is light years apart.  You can find these online or even at your local grocers as well in the natural food section.  They come in various sizes and packaging.  Find one that matches the budget you’d like to spend on Halloween treats.

2. Cups of oranges

A fun and delicious treat you can give out are prepackaged and sealed cups of oranges.  You can get creative and use a permanent marker to draw a face on each of them to give is some Halloween flair.  Oranges are not only delicious, but they are a great option for kids to consume to help them reach their recommended daily intake of fruits.

3. Fruit

Speaking of fruit intake… This might be on the pricey side of the equation, but if you don’t get many Halloween visitors at your door, you could give out some pieces of fruit.  Any type of fruit will do, honestly.  An apple, orange, clementine, whatever.  Just like above, if you wanted to get creative, you could use an orange, cut up some green yarn to put on top of the orange, and then use a permanent marker to draw a jack-o-lantern face on one side.

4. Pumpkin seeds

Nothing screams Halloween like good old pumpkin seeds.  Find a variety that is already prepackaged that you can give out (to age appropriate kids).  Some parents might be slightly weirded out if you give them a homemade bag of pumpkin seeds as they might not know what you used to make them.  But, kids are already in the holiday spirit and this can further elevate their excitement.  Many kids by the time they are trick or treating have already carved a pumpkin.  What did they see get scooped out before they started carving?  Pumpkin seeds.  Show them that pumpkin seeds are not only one of the healthy alternatives to Halloween candy, but that it’s also a yummy treat from their carving fun. 

5. Organic juice box

Yes, there’s some sugar in the organic juice boxes on the market, but overall, it’s a healthier option than handing out straight chocolate or candy.  Additionally, kids are out walking all night long going door to door, they might get thirsty and you can be their savior by providing them with a refreshing beverage.

6. Popcorn

Don’t feel like getting creative, yet at the same time don’t want to give out sugar-filled candy?  Give out packages of either unpopped popcorn or already prepackaged little bags of popcorn.  This makes for a much healthier snack option than a candy bar or sugary treat.  Plus, many kids love watching Halloween movies and this makes for the perfect snack for the occasion!

7. Natural or Organic granola bars

There will be some natural sugars in any organic/natural granola bar.  However, there are some nutritional benefits to them due to the inclusion of oats, nuts, granola, seeds, even the dried fruit.  These bars will provide natural energy to a child while providing them with a healthy snack option.

8. Hot Chocolate Mix

The weather can be chilly and when kids get home they are probably going to be looking for something to help warm them up.  Handing out a packet of hot chocolate mix could hit the spot and warm their bellies in the process.  There are healthy mixes out there, find one that suits the wants and needs you’re looking for.

Article Courtesy Of Matt Weik