Karen Chapman Lifts Heavy and with a Purpose

Karen Chapman Nuts n More
Spending the day with Karen Chapman you may come to think that she doesn't ever stop moving. Whether she's in the gym or on her way to meet with a client, or at home making meals for the next day, she's always on the...

Six Things You Need to Know About Lauren Findley

Lauren Findley
At Nuts 'N More we're all about 'nspiration and one of the people who inspires us is Lauren Findley. We asked Lauren six questions to find out more about what makes her so 'nspirational. What inspires you? I am inspired by setting goals and going after...

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Do Fat Burners Actually Work?

Do Fat Burners Actually Work? Let's start off by saying nothing works unless you do.  That's the bottom line.  You can't purchase a supplement (we're...

Pancake Tacos

Thai Curry Chicken Wraps