Nuts n more health transformation

This inspirational Healthy Living Transformation story is brought to us by our fan Courtney.

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“I’ve had a weight problem my whole life. It was just one of those things that was so natural to me that I never thought too much about it. I think I was “skinny” in 10th grade for about 10 minutes but that quickly passed. The issue was not only am I obsessed with food (still am, every day) but back then I was so incredibly uneducated. I had a great full life but I was always a little bit sad and never truly felt like ME. I knew I would eventually lose weight and get myself out of the body I was trapped in, but back then I wasn’t ready to face it.

I remember looking at the scale and thinking “Okay, you’re gaining about 10 pounds every year. That’s not so bad”. It wasn’t so bad until I realized I was 210lbs and would get physically distressed if anyone tried to take my photo. I was in denial of my unhealthy habits and of my size, somehow not realizing what I was doing to myself.

Nuts N More came into my life right around the time I allowed myself to stop fearing food and stop looking at the gym as a punishment for my past mistakes. It was hard but I thought that’s just how it went. Beauty wasn’t free … right? But somewhere along the line I stopped caring about “beauty” and fully embraced being HEALTHY. It transformed out of appearance and into facing challenges, respecting my body, and continuously educating myself to exceed my expectations. After that moment, my world changed. Eating IS a great part of life. There are people creating delicious food, like the Nuts N More line, that’s good for your body AND your soul. It’s not just a myth! Who knew?

What really stuck for me over this past year was my experiences with weight training. One day, my boyfriend at the time walked me into my current gym and 6 months later I’m in this never-ending love affair with lifting weights. Its quickly became a part of who I am and Nuts N More products only boosted my happiness with every workout. I feel strong, sexy, and accomplished for every day that I make this choice to become the best version of myself.

It’s been about 3 years now of continuous work, trial/error, and milestones to get me to my 80lb loss that I stand at today. I know how overwhelming the beginning feels, the days that you struggle, the ones that you feel on top of the world, and every minute in between. I’m just like everyone else out there; no different, and definitely no better.

What’s been the substantial part is finding the peace that comes from giving my body (and my SOUL) what it needs to thrive. At the end of the day, I feel happy that I decided to love myself first. That as much as I love to eat, I love the balance in my life more. I’m still the same girl. I melt when I see cookies, use profanity more often than is ever necessary, and think being a decent person trumps anything else. I’m just smarter, healthier, and forever striving for my best. That’s all any of us can really do.