Don’t Let the End of Summer Crush Your Weight Loss Goals

Spring comes and everyone is concerned about what summer has in store for them.  They look in the mirror and a dose a reality slaps them in the face.  What happened over the winter?  The swimsuit they looked amazing in the year before no longer fits.  They quickly change their nutrition and fit in extra sessions of cardio at the gym so that they don’t feel out of place at the pool or beach.  They put in the work and shed some body fat and feel ready to take on summer.  But as those summer days start to come to an end, many will lose focus and fall back on poor habits.  Don’t let the end of summer crush your weight loss goals! 

Just because summer is almost over and the reality that kids will be going back to school and vacations will be coming to an end doesn’t mean you should become complacent and let yourself go.  In fact, now is the perfect time to maintain full steam ahead and keep pushing.  What can you do to continue crushing your weight loss goals?  Here are some tips you can implement. 

  1. Set a new goal to achieve

In the spring you made a goal to get back into that sexy swimsuit you wore the previous year.  You made it, congratulations.  But, if you don’t want to feel that way again next spring, now’s the time to reestablish your new goals and keep pushing forward.

Write down a new goal you want to achieve.  Maybe it’s dropping another 15 pounds before spring comes back around.  Go for it!  Take the necessary steps to make that a reality.  Put the goal that you wrote down some place that you can see it each and every day.  If you have trouble with your nutrition, but it on your refrigerator or pantry to remind you when you are craving a snack what you’re working towards.  That constant reminder will help you in the long run. 

2. Double Down on your nutrition

The fall and winter months were what put you in that uncomfortable situation in the first place when spring came rolling around.  So, rather than kicking back and thinking you can just wear hoodies for the rest of the year and not care what you look like, double down and crush your weight loss goals. 

When you are constantly making minor changes to your diet and replacing poor nutritional habits with healthy ones, you have the ability to continue seeing results with your physique and weight loss.  Remove soda from your diet and replace it with water or diet green tea.  Rather than having that piece of cake substitute it for a piece of fruit instead.  Make minor changes each month and those changes will eventually become second nature and a habit.  As you stick to the plan you will notice the number on scale getting smaller – reinforcing that you’re going in the right direction. 

3. HIIT it hard

If you are looking to get in and out of the gym in a hurry, there’s nothing better than a great session of HIIT.  Heck, you can even do HIIT cardio at your own home if you don’t have time to make it to the gym.  HIIT cardio is a great way to maintain your lean muscle mass while burning body fat in the process.  HIIT helps turn your body into a fat burning machine.  Quick bouts of intense exercise followed by rest periods are where it’s at and many people are getting amazing results from implementing this training technique.

Utilize a HIIT workout such as sprinting for 30 seconds followed by a recovery walk for 60 seconds is a great program to follow.  15 minutes is all you need to elevate your metabolism and continue burning calories long after you’re finished with your workout.  While HIIT is not easy, the benefits that come from it are well worth the effort.

4. You don’t have to do it alone

A great way to continue to crush your weight loss goals is by having a buddy system in place.  Whether it be a spouse or significant other, a friend, or even your four-legged furry companion, you don’t have to do it alone.  By exercising or changing your nutrition habits with someone else, you are more willing to stick to the plan since someone else is there to help hold you accountable.   

On the flip side, you have someone else you need to help stay accountable as well.  You are less likely to give up or quit when someone else is standing next to you, encouraging you to continue to take the necessary steps to reach your goal(s).

If you follow and implement these tips and strategies, you will find yourself in a better position when spring rolls around and you won’t need to go into panic mode in order to get ready for summer. 

Article Courtesy Of Matt Weik