Are Food Trackers Worth the Time?

There is no shortage of new over-hyped diets roaming around on the internet just begging for people to give them a try.  Unfortunately, for many, these diets all come to the same end result – failure.  Why is that?  Well, for starters, they all have one commonality and that’s the fact they force you to consume LESS food with the diet.  They tend to remove an entire macronutrient and that, right there, is what’s causing such a high failure rate – even when something like food trackers are used to record their consumption for the day. 

If a nutrition plan doesn’t fit your lifestyle, people will eventually stop using it.  So, why are so many people jumping on these yo-yo diet fads?  It’s because of the hype and bogus reassurance that they will lose all of this weight magically by implementing this new diet trend.  Honestly, it’s all bogus hocus pocus.  If you eat protein, carbs, and fats, eliminating one of those would be extremely hard, right?  Something like the ketogenic diet would eliminate most of the carbohydrates you are used to consuming.  Are you willing to give up some of those carbs?  Probably not.  Even if you tried the diet for a few weeks, you may very well end up hating your life and fall off the wagon, back to your old ways. 

How do we bypass all of this nonsense and find a plan that works?  It’s actually easier than you thought, but it’ll take some effort – track your food.  If you’ve read any of my nutrition articles in the past that I’ve published, you would know that I recommend an app called MyFitnessPal regularly.  It’s not because they are incentivizing me or paying me (I wish they did for all the free press I’ve been giving them), it’s because IT WORKS.  Let me explain.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

It’s as simple as that.  If you don’t know how many calories you are taking in, then how do you know if you are in a caloric deficit to lose weight and body fat?  You don’t.  That’s where food trackers like MyFitnessPal come into play.  It’s reassurance that you are on track. 

When I work with new clients, one of the first things I ask them when they come to me looking to lose weight is, “how many calories are you eating each day and in what macro ratio.”  You’d think I asked them to recite the alphabet backwards while simultaneously writing one through one-hundred on a sheet of paper.  Listen, if being in shape, losing weight, and being healthy were simple, more than 60% of American adults wouldn’t be overweight.  Instead, we are facing an obesity epidemic that is slowly killing off our population due to weight-related illnesses and diseases.  It’s a real problem – yet one that we could control with a little effort by our population. 

Food trackers allow you to see how many calories you consumed and how much protein, carbs, and fat you’ve had for the day.  If you know the numbers you need to hit for each of those, do you understand how simple this whole weight loss process would be?   

If you knew you needed to consume 1,800 calories each day (and the macronutrient breakdown to get to that calorie count) to lose one pound each week and you could quickly and easily track your food in one of the free food trackers available, it couldn’t get any easier.  Just follow the numbers and ensure you hit them.  It’s like painting by numbers.  Just follow along to get to the end of the painting.  If you’re low in calories, you know you can eat more.  If you’re high in calories, well, you know you ate too much and need to exercise to burn off those extra calories to stay in a deficit.  It’s honestly not difficult and way too many people overcomplicate the process. 

Think of this all like your retirement (I’m hoping you are all saving for your retirement).  If you know you need to put in “x” amount of dollars each week, each week, each year to hit a certain number come retirement, then you’re already used to the same principle.  Hit your numbers and the results will come.  Hit your numbers and watch your retirement reach its goal.  Hit your daily caloric numbers and watch as you lose weight and get closer to your weight loss goal. 

Consistency Yields Results

You don’t have to utilize my strategy here, but I’m telling you that it works.  If you put in the time, effort, and are consistent, you will see results.  Period.  It’s true that a calorie simply isn’t a calorie, but without complicating things in this article, use total calories and macros as your guide.  Download one of the food trackers like MyFitnessPal and start getting familiar with the platform and how to use it.  The more you use it, the faster data entry will be, and the sooner you will start seeing weight loss results.  Food trackers are absolutely worth the time and have worked for thousands of people – and it can work for you. 

Article Courtesy Of Matt Weik