How to Get Laser-Focused in the Gym

There’s no shortage of supplements on the market these days that you can use as a pre-workout to not only get you flying a mile a minute, but that can also get you laser-focused in the gym.  While these supplements definitely work, they are something you’re going to need to open your wallet for and risk fatiguing your adrenal glands in the process due to all of the stimulants.  So, what’s the next best thing to get laserfocused in the gym?  Your mind.  *womp womp* Not what you were expecting?  Well, it’s true and here’s how you can achieve maximum focus each time you step into the gym.

Dial it in by flipping the switch

Each and every time you go to the gym to train, you should be there with purpose and intent.  If you’re simply going through the motions, then it’s no wonder you are having such a hard time getting laser-focused in the gym.  Exercising isn’t just a physical aspect and conditioning, it’s mental as well. 

When you step into the gym, you should be fired up to push your body to the limit.  It’s you against the weights.  Do you know what’s really cool and motivating?  You’ll never beat the weights – you can always add more to your lift.  Many would consider that defeating, but if you have the mindset that you’re going to tackle your workout with intensity, it will fire you up to push hard and potentially break your personal bests in the process.  It’s a you versus you mentality.

The gym is a place to let it all go.  All the outside noise.  All the distractions.  All the stress from work.  All the stress from your personal life.  Let it all go.  This is YOUR TIME to destress and work on yourself.  Make it a habit that every time you step foot through the door of the gym, all the baggage you carry will be checked at the door.

Crank it up a notch

Have you ever worked out without music playing through your headphones or in the background?  I’m talking complete silence.  It’s actually uncomfortable and odd.  We all love music and have our own favorite genre we prefer – and there’s nothing wrong with that.  While most can’t exercise to something like jazz, blues, or opera music, if you can then get down with your bad self.  Otherwise, you’ll probably fall under the category of people who listen to something along the lines or rock, rap, metal, alternative, hip hop, etc.  

Crank it up when you get to the gym.  Put your headphones on or earbuds in and get after it.  If you work out at home, crank up the music on the stereo and just get lost in your workout.  Block out everything around you and simply focus on the task at hand.  That’s one of the best ways to get laser-focused in the gym. 

Find a partner in crime

No, I’m not telling you to break the law.  What I’m telling you to do is find a workout partner.  Someone who will push you and hold you accountable.  It’s hard to sandbag a workout when you have someone breathing down your neck trying to push you to the limit.  For that reason, you have the ability to get laser-focused in the gym.

As much as your workout partner pushes you, push them the same amount back and then some.  Squeeze out those extra reps.  Turn up the speed on the treadmill.  Put down your phone and get to work.  It’s so much easier to get in the zone when you have someone next to you who is pushing you versus being on your own and potentially getting in your own head with all of the things going on in your life.  A workout partner is there to help get you out of the funk and into the fun.  Get dialed in, get laser-focused, and get in an intense workout.  You get out of your workouts what you put into them.  Get after it!

Article Courtesy Of Matt Weik