Resistance Training is a Minimal Part of Your Results

Resistance training, while extremely important to your results and success, is a minimal part of the bigger picture. When you lift weights, you are breaking down your muscle fibers so that you can rest and feed them to help them recover and grow back bigger and stronger. When you have quality muscle mass on your frame, you are able to burn calories throughout the day, even while at rest, because the muscle itself is constantly using energy. With that being said, it isn’t something you should put ALL of your focus on. 

An aspect that I would like to see you put more focus and emphasis on would be your nutrition. I’m sure you’ve heard people say all the time that “abs are made in the kitchen.” I’d like to say the phrase is “overused” but the fact of the matter is that it’s 100% the truth and there’s no denying it. You can’t out-train a poor diet. The food you put in your body will determine the kinds of results you will yield in the end. 

Stick to Your Resistance Training

While this article is telling you that resistance training isn’t a huge factor in your results, you still need it. You’re probably thinking I’m talking out of both sides of my mouth. Well, I kind of am

Resistance training is the piece of the equation that is going to help you put quality lean mass on your frame. Ladies, not to worry, your hormones will not allow you to get huge bulging muscles like men so don’t be afraid of the weight room.

When you train with weights, you are breaking down muscle fibers. You might think this is a painful process and why would tearing down and ripping muscle fibers be a good thing? It actually is, assuming you aren’t creating trauma to the point of injury by lifting too heavy of a weight or by using incorrect form. But when you break down your muscle fibers, it gives you the ability to have them grow back bigger and stronger. This is commonly known as hypertrophy. And it’s a great thing, but it’s not the end all be all when you are looking for success as there is more to the story.

The thing you need to fully understand is that your resistance training is important, but ultimately means nothing if you don’t combine it with the right formula to yield the best results. What is the right formula? That’s exactly what we are going to touch on next.


Sure, resistance training will help you help you add lean muscle, but without proper nutrition, you are limiting your results and could actually be doing more harm than good by not providing your muscles and body with the nutrition it needs to recover properly.

A mix of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and quality protein are essential to yield the best results possible. Sure, you have the diets that limit carbohydrates, or have highfat content, etc., but in the end, a great first place to start is with a balanced diet including all macronutrients. 

Think of your nutrition and meals as a fuel source. Too many people view food as an emotional or social experience. Both of these can get you into trouble and have you packing on the pounds. Eat the food that your body needs in order to maintain proper health and functioning. Each macronutrient serves a purpose in the body.  I’m not saying you must stick to a 100% clean nutrition plan and not enjoy desserts every once in a while. But, I am saying that it should not be on a regular basis.

After you complete a resistance training workout, your receptors are open and looking for nutrients. At this time your body is primed to shuttle nutrients out to the working muscles to be utilized and kickstart the recovery process. It’s for this reason that nutrition is higher up on the hierarchy list. You need proper nutrition to help get the best results out of your time in the gym lifting weights. 

Which all of these leads into the final piece of the article that we need to discuss and that is rest. 


Rest is probably one of the least talked about pieces of “results.” So much focus seems to be put on nutrition, exercise, cardio, supplements, etc. that rest is often overlooked. Rest is an extremely important part of the equation and when you don’t rest properly, it can limit your results.

We all live insanely busy lives. We go go go until we burn out and finally get some sleep. A couple of hours of sleep isn’t enough to properly allow your body to rest and recovery. It is recommended that you get at least seven hours of sleep (minimum) in order to properly rest and recover. 

When you get proper rest, you allow the muscle fibers that you tore down during your resistance training workouts to repair and grow. This is key as more muscles can equate to a faster metabolism, stronger muscles, and overall more aesthetically pleasing physique.

Something else to remember is that more is not better. To properly recover between training sessions, you are going to want to leave a minimum of 24 hours between workouts that hit the same muscles groups. For instance, if you hit chest on Monday (international chest day), don’t hit it again until Wednesday at the earliest to leave time for the muscle to recover and the muscle fibers to repair. Hitting the muscle again too soon can hinder your results and slow down your muscle building progress.

Utilize the strategies found in this article to get the best results out of your training and healthy lifestyle. The key takeaway is to stop thinking about your success stemming from your time in the gym. It’s actually the time out of the gym that will help you yield the best results. So, hit it hard in the gym, feed the muscles, and allow them to rest and recover. Follow those guidelines and you put yourself in the best position to win.

Article Courtesy Of Matt Weik