Top Fitness Gifts This Holiday Season for Your Workout Buddy

Sharing is caring and this holiday season is no different.  It’s commonly said that it’s better to give than to receive, and in this article, we are going to help you bring some cheer to your workout buddy this holiday season.  Many of the items found in this article can be found both in retail stores as well as online.  There is a wide range of products varying in price both high and low.  Depending on your budget and how close you are with your workout buddy will depend on what you might want to consider from the list below.

So, let’s slide down the old chimney and jump right into what made our list of the top fitness gifts to consider giving your workout buddy.

1. Shaker Bottle

Honestly, who couldn’t use more shaker bottles in their life?  We are all constantly using them and after so long they start to get an odor and look nasty. Your workout buddy could use them for protein shakes as well as to fill with water and carry around the gym to sip on and stay hydrated.  They could even fill it with water and use it at work too.  For only a little bit of dough, you can pick up one or a couple shaker bottles for your workout buddy.  If they are into superheros, consider getting them the variety that has the superhero emblem on the bottle.  Otherwise, grab shaker bottles based on their favorite color(s).

2. Protein Bars

More than likely, your workout buddy is doing everything in their power to get in enough protein to help them reach their physique goals.  Why not load them up with some protein-packed bars to help them on their journey?  You can either buy a variety you know they currently eat or try something new that has had a lot of great reviews and surprise them.  There are protein bars, brownies, cookies, cakes and everything in between.  No matter the direction you go, with all the unique flavors available these days, you’re bound to find something your workout buddy will like.

3. Fitness Tracker

Now, this gift idea isn’t for everyone, but it’s hard to leave it off the list.  If your workout buddy is maybe your spouse or best friend, you might be a little more open to dropping some extra cash to get them something they would really want and need – such as a fitness tracker.  There are so many on the market to choose from, you know your workout buddy better than anyone and would know the features they might be interested in.  If they don’t currently own a watch, it might be worthwhile getting one that doubles for that purpose as well and has dual uses for your awesome and thoughtful gift.

4. Apparel

Let’s be real, who doesn’t get excited over new workout clothes?  I can’t be the only one.  If you’re like me and the crew I work out with, then grabbing a new workout top from a brand your workout buddy likes will certainly be a homerun.  Maybe find one that is moisture wicking to help keep them comfortable during your grueling workouts together?  Or, if you are extremely close to your workout buddy, a new fresh pair of kicks would have them doing backflips.  Whichever direction you go, it’s hard to strike out when buying workout apparel as a gift.

5. Smoothie Gift Card

If your gym has a smoothie bar, a great gift idea for your workout buddy is a gift card so they can load up on some post-workout nutrition following your workouts.  If your gym doesn’t have a smoothie bar, find a local shop that sells smoothies and grab them a gift card from there (so long as the location isn’t too far out of their way).  Your workout buddy will love the thoughtful gesture of caring about their post-workout nutrition and results from their hard work in the gym.  While plain protein shakes from a powder work just fine after a workout to kickstart the recovery process, there’s nothing like a made-to-order protein smoothie to flood your muscles with the nutrients they need to recover properly.

6. Peanut Butter

How could we leave out peanut butter? I mean, really….I don’t know many people in the fitness industry who don’t crave and love a good jar of peanut butter.  And wouldn’t you know, Nuts ‘N More has some of the best peanut butter around.  With several spreads and flavors to choose from, you’ll make everyone in the gym envious when you present your workout buddy with a delicious spread from Nuts ‘N More.  Heck, while you’re at it, you might as well get some for yourself too.

Article Courtesy Of Matt Weik